MYUNGJINproduct descriptions



  1. 1Provides quick mounting of cover rail
  2. 3122mm diameter from sash to frame
  1. 2 Features simply fitting jig system
  2. 4Pre-assembly of striker plates on sash
  • - Provides the function that window tilts 10˚-15˚ inward and slides with simple
  • - Easy mountig & disassembly of roller (V, H) with stopper available

Size range Chart A

Model unit PST-130
Sash rebate width mm 485 to 1600
Diagram A,G,K of sash rebate hight mm 485 to 2400
Diagram C of sash rebate hight mm 485 to 2400
out Frame width mm  ~ the sash rebate width, a maximum size for diagram A upto
Sash weight(with glass) kg max.130
handle position (fixing) mm FFH/2
overall position width mm 122
If the width of the sash rebate is less than 944 mm, the height of the sash rebate can not exceed 2.5 times the width of the sash rebate.